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Why didn't Makima die in Chainsaw Man? Explained (spoilers)

Why didn't Maxima die in Chainsaw Man? It is likely to be one of the many questions that pass through your head after witnessing the beginning of the Katina Man's arch, since it begins with Maxima receiving a bullet directly in his brain. And yet, he is back and kicking in the blink of an eye, decimating the henchmen of the people who dared to raise their hands against her and her subordinates inside the division 4. So how did she do it? Was it through some type of diabolical contract, or things are even more complicated than they seem?

Well, after investigating everything available from the series, we have an answer for you. However, be careful: there are massive spoilers for the climax of the series ahead.

Why did Maxima receive a shot did not kill her at Chainsaw Man? Explained

To summarize, Maxima did not die in the Katina Man's arch of Katina Man because it is actually device control.


While this would normally mean that at least it would be damaged by receiving a shot, it solves it through a contract that it has with the Japanese prime minister. According to the contract, you can survive the mortal wounds that inflict you passing them to a random Japanese civilian. In return, it protects Japan from other countries and demons through their powers and powers of those under their control.

As such, he was able to survive the shots and leave unpunished by transferring the mortal wound to a random person. This, in turn, is how it is seen helping their subordinates so quickly afterwards, since he did not need to worry about taking off his wounds or durable damage.

Why don't people know that Maxima is a demon? Answered

However, this is likely to ask you another question: why don't people know that Maxima is a devil in Chainsaw Man?

The answer to that is quite simple: Maxima does not want them to know. She wants them to remain ignorant of their true identity, since this makes them easier to control. You can then use them as pawns in their real objective: to gain Benji's confidence and force him to completely manifest the demon chainsaw so that he can put it under his control and have an indefinite power over the world.

As such, he keeps his identity secret until the end of the series, in which he almost takes the total control of Benji. However, with the help and sacrifices of his friends, Benji is able to resist and defeat Maxima, forcing her to reincarnate without any memory of her misdeeds or past aspirations.

Hopefully, this was clarified. Why did Maxima not died in Chainsaw Man? To get more information about the series, see some of our other explanatory guides on issues such as the meaning of the golden ball in the opening, whether Benji fights against Gun Devil and if Aka dies or not. We also have many other articles related to the series that can be consulted below.

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