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Where to find and use thin bones in Valheim - places of dry bones

Waldheim to the edges is filled with strange resources, such as withered bones that serve as a unique goal, but most of them do not realize their hidden potential. Fortunately, there are professional game guidelines, and our guide will explain everything you need to know about the wilted bones in Latham and about updating Mist lands.

where to find withered bones in Latham

You can find withered bones in Latham, exploring and finding sunken crypts in the swamp. Inside these crypts, you can find withered bones inside the dirty embankments of scrap metal, but you have not yet begun the extraction of minerals, since you need to get a swamp key and a bronze pick. Here's how to get everything you need below: How to get a swamp key-you can get a swamp key in Latham by killing an Elder boss. After the murder of the boss, the swamp key will fall as a reward. How to get a bronze pick-to get a bronze pick in Latham, you must create it using three main trees and 10 bronze ingots. You can get bronze, extracting and melting both tin and copper ore found in the Schwargvald biome. To get Core Wood, you must cut down pine and spruce.

where to find sunken crypts in Valheim-the location of the crypts

Having received a swamp key, you can find a sunken crypt in a swamp biome. When you enter the swamp, look for a large stone structure with the luminous green torches in front. Marked crypts are very easy to find in Latham because of torches, but if you have problems with the search, look at the image above. Nevertheless, when you finally find a crypt of cloths, you can enter the crypt using your key. Being inside the crypt, go downstairs, and you can start obtaining dirty piles of scrap metal to get both scrap and dry bones as the resources fall out.

Why do you need withered bones in Latham

If you are interested in why the withered bones are used in Latham, they are designed to call bone mass. You need more than 10 withered bones to use it in its sanctuary in a swamp biome to call it, so we recommend that you farm as much as possible so that you can move further in the game. Here are some tips on how to speed up the extraction of dry bones in Latham:

The best way to farm with withered bones in Latham

One of the best ways to farm the wilted bones is to build Longship or Grave and park it near the sunken crypt. This will allow you to quickly load all the resources that you receive from a sunken crypt to get as many resources as possible in one pass. We also recommend that you have at least a bronze pick, and then iron after you get scrap metal and melt it in the muffle. To learn more about Latham, we at the Pro Game Guides have provided you with such materials as how to make and use the Sandra in Latham and do seekers have weakness in Latham? -Guide to the weakness of the enemy.


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