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LOL: Riot regrets creating these two items and a developer explains why

Any League of Legends player who has played Riot Games Mob a few years ago knows that not all the news that come to the game end up working. Throughout history, there have been numerous examples of this kind of situation, such as the Quite dragon in season 12. The curious thing is that, contrary to what may seem, developers do not usually hide when they think they made a mistake, and we can even see They're speaking openly about them with the community-like recently happened with Rioter explaining the failure of the dance of death and the bypasses.

Two items that Riot hates to have created in LOL

True is a rioter that usually answers questions from the LOL community often and quite relaxed. Recently, he received an interesting question, in which a fan expressed his own questions about Swain's combination with Rylan's crystal scepter, which is quite boring to face, as the champion can permanently slow down when activating Ultimate. Thus, the rioter gave some explanations on the subject.

True talked a lot about situations in which an item is bad for LOL and to better exemplify the theme, he gave two specific examples: death dance and eakfasts in past seasons. Death dance, for example, offered Sustain with his proper theft, 30% damage reduction and other interesting statistics, which made it mandatory for many champions, which is bad for the game when we talk about design and balancing.


If many of you, readers, are thinking of the current version of the item as something very similar, know that the previous one was much more abusive in the game. Now, at least, the champions who use the death dance are forced to risk it to get slaughter. In addition, the item is quite expensive and offers no such interesting advantages.

But undoubtedly, the most problematic item in LOL's recent history is eaks. He had even worse than the death dance, as he removed a champion's main weakness.

It is worth remembering that, for a long time (between October 23 and November 13), the item offered the champions a displacement of 300 units, similar to the gale strength. Thus, champions like Darius, Argot and Garden could eliminate from the game their main weakness: low mobility, a common feature between such characters. Having been balanced based on the lack of mobility items, these champions became some of the most terrifying of the game.

That said, regret is relative. There are often Riot knows that an item can be problematic, but you think it is worth trying to include it in the game to see its ability to have long-term improved gameplay. After all, if they never dare to eak the LOL rules, there would probably not be champions like Lee Sin, Middle or bass in the game. In this sense, exposing yourself to error is critical for developers to offer the best version of their work to the community.


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