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15 simple ideas at home in minecraft

Not everything in Minecraft should be a megaproject that takes ten hours. Sometimes you just want to cut down a few trees and assemble a simple house. But even in this case, ideas can arise with difficulty. That is why we have made a list of 15 simple home ideas in Minecraft, which you can try and be inspired.

House on a tree at the top of a tree

Save yourself from mobs and darkness, climbing to the top of a huge tree in the jungle and just living there! Such simple houses look great at home on trees. How are you going down? Well, let's hope that the ocean or river is not too far from you...

fortified mini-zoom

When there are few forests or it is guarded by hostile mobs, you can protect yourself with this convenient mini-zamka. This is a great design for expansion. What was originally your starting house can quickly become the corner of a huge fortress!

Shelter on the slope of the mountain

Digging in the slope of the mountain can make a quick and attractive place for the home. The use of materials found in close proximity means that you can quickly turn the cache into something much more comfortable.

Forest hut

Many buildings will use materials from the surroundings to simplify the task. But few look as good as this spruce hut in the middle of an old-growing bioma. The cobblestone covered with moss makes this building as ancient as the forest in which it lives.

Simple Plains hut

It's simple: a little stone, a few logs and a hut in the middle of the initial plains. However, you can revive the situation by using plates for both the roof and for the rallum. It also doubles as a way to prevent the appearance of mobs on your roof!

Shelter Shelter

You start a new world, find a shipwreck and rob it in search of all valuable. But wait, could you do something more useful with this old ship? The answer, of course, yes, as shown in this house of shipwreck, which takes a broken ship and turns it into a new house for you.

The hut of the abyss

Not for those who are dizzy, but this overhanging house will allow you to get quick access to rich resources of the abyss. Again, not for the faint of heart, a great way to quickly gain access to both the forest and the dungeon.

Simple squares

Minecraft: You can even make the simplest square buildings interesting by adding some details on the sides. The addition of some decorative blocks and several lanterns turned these dull forms into something much more attractive.

Cozy Rest

This simple house, built on the banks of the river, uses a space to create something really comfortable. Details, such as chairs and a bonfire behind, make this building beautiful.

Japanese cottage

Although the Japanese style may seem very complicated, it is actually surprisingly simple, especially when you make it small. Here, just adding a tiled roof and bamboo added a highlight to a simple house.

medieval farm house

Minecraft is ideal for the construction of buildings in a medieval style. This simple farmer house uses nothing but blocks that you will find during the first hour or so, but still looks great thanks to the use of granite for the roof and a mixture of oak logs and masonry.

Harvest House

Making your simple assemblies multifunctional is a great way to bring them to life. These small houses have farmers built into the roof that give access to food and shelter!

Service Cottage

It is as simple as you can imagine, but also combines a lot of usefulness in a small area. Line and stoves remain under the house and as part of the stairs, and the bed is surrounded by barrels for additional storage.

Mushroom House

The use of the materials that you are given to create a simple shelter is one of the most pleasant things in Minecraft. Here we used a natural mushroom to build us a unique house that took us for a few seconds.

House of cuckoos of a village resident

When it comes to simple construction, Minecraft Villagers possess the style. So why not move? In this addition to the naturally emerging house of a village resident, we added an additional floor and basement. We are sure that the original owner does not mind!

To get more guidelines and inspiration for minecraft, check out the Best Minecraft Bedrock Seeds 1.18 (July 2022) in Pro Game Guides.


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