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Viktoria Köln wins thanks to double strike at TurkGücü Munich

TürkGücü coach Peter Hyballa had to change after the 0: 1 defeat in Meppen once: doorpitz began for the locked chato (yellow-red). Viktoria coach Olaf Janßen took three changes in his starting eleven in comparison to the 1-0 against leader Magdeburg: Lorch, Berzel and Marseiler began for Rossmann, Buballa and Klefisch.

Double strike brings Cologne on course

Türkgücü München - FC Viktoria Köln | 38. Spieltag, 2020/2021 | MAGENTA SPORT

Both teams were looking for the offensive at the beginning. After a first warning shot of concern (2nd), the guests had the first thick chance: Hong s shot clapped to the latte (14th). One minute later, the Cologne went in the lead, Sontheimer hit the ball of 20 meters ideal. The Viktoria remained straight - and was fixed: Hong achieved his first ligator - 2: 0 (19th) after Heister s flank.

Turkish Cycles in this phase was extremely difficult to reach opportunities. Although crawls scored the compensation, but stood just in the away (28th). Sarar s free kick A little later, 36th). In the end, the Munich could be glad that it was only 0: 2 for a break, because Hong left a big chance to 3-0, since Vollath was on the post (36th).


Turkish cu came with Gorezl and Sliskovic for Vrenezi and crawls from the cabin. And the home owners later recorded a good chance, doorpitz pushed the ball to the right (55th). Anyone who had expected a storm course of the Munich, who was disappointed. Rather, the Rhine countries had the encounter well under control and missed by Amyn (70th) as well as Möller (71.) the final decision.

So the Viktoria had to shake again, as the substitute Barry with a technically demanding direct acceptance set to 1: 2 (81.). Turkhücü now believed his chance and threw everything in the final phase. But the Cologne defended everything away and brought the lead over time.

Turkhücü lost for the third time in a row. Furthermore, it goes after the country break on 20 November at 2 pm at Eintracht Braunschweig. Viktoria Cologne continues its strong run (14 points from the past six games) and travels to Meppen on November 22 (19 pm).


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