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Link There is tragedy on the back of the journey! The Legend of Zelda The 30th Anniversary of the 30th Anniversary of the Series

As a disk system software of a family computer (hereinafter referred to as NEW), the first Legend of Zelda series. We are born in Show, rushing through Hara, and this guise is also highly popular in Japan and abroad.

Various titles have been released from this series with a 35-year history. Of course there are many masterpieces, each of which is a strong fan is still inherited. Among these works, there are a number of works that have a major impact on the development of series, and the third super Neocon Software Zeldas legendary gods triers is also one.

This The Legend of Zelda was released from now on November 21, 1991, just 30 years ago. Today, we have reached the 30th anniversary. Many fans in the series are a day to commemorate one tuning phase.

It is a work that is still a masterpiece as a masterpiece, but there should be few people who have fed the memory played by fans of this work. In addition, I think there are people who are addicted to the nearest series, but have also been concerned about past work, but some people are looking at the opportunity to hand out.

Therefore, in this article, I would like to look back on the introduction part of this work, as it will be invoked to call memories, and to lead to a boost of play motivation, and I would like to approach its characteristics. Please take a look at the beginning of a masterpiece that will change even after 30 years.

The image of this article is of Super Nintendo Switch Online.

■ Looking back on the beginning of the masterpiece Zeldas legendary gods Trojans !

It is a successor to the game, and the Nintendo was full of the Nintendo, when the Nintendo was full when the Nintendo was full when the Nintendo was fully at the fact that the Nintendo was full when Japan was passionate in the game in the NEW boom and the PC engine and mega drives of the counter model were rising. A work that appeared in the NEW era achieves a new development with a super Neocon. These flows were also the same for the Legend of Zelda.

If the boy and girl 30 years ago will expand the chest to expect the chest and launch the game, the three-dimensionally drawn Trojans will combine, and the title screen will appear. Such production was also due to the bottom of the super nonconductor, and made me feel the arrival of the new age.

Immediately, I would like to start the game... but I want to say it, but it is good to wait without it. That is because what happened before the game starts, the demo movie that will tell you what happens.

When the Sealing War with seven wise people, who has the power of all-intellectors, is a legendary, priest Agni buried by Pillars King and Dedicates Daughters with 7 Sorcerers Blood I was drawing to break the seal.

The magic hand is approaching the king womens Zelda, and the crisis that shakes the world is approaching to the end... It is talked about the movie through the movie.

Even if there is no pre-information, you can see the expansion of the story with the game main part alone, but if you look at the movie, the circumstances will be transmitted more and more and the motivation will rise. At that time, I often heard that the information that does not appear in the main story was told by the demo movie, so I think that there are many people who are in accordance with the flow of leaving the game first and confirmed the movie.

In this way, when the motivation is raised, it will be driven by a feeling of spending and starting the game, first from the creation of save data. By the way, you can erase unnecessary save data, but the name of that function is Kill mode. If you look up again, it is quite a naming.

When preparing is prepared, Zeldas legendary gods Trojans begins. The name of the protagonist can be entered arbitrarily, but this time Link. His Counter and his origin of life are asked to ask for help from Zelda princess.

If the link wakes up with a sudden voice, the uncle who starts saying I will come out for a while. However, both hands have a sword and a shield, and they have created an atmosphere that is not.

A link to be anxious and chasing Canter hand. Then, he received the voice of Zelda reincarnation, and she taught me that she was being caught up in the mastery. She knows that she was not a dream, it was actually heard, and he also focuses on hand holding her controller.

Because it is late at night, the gate prepayment even if it comes from the main gate. However, according to the guidance of Zelda princess, it was found that a hole in the castle was found. The link will fall underground with the production that led to the advanced and shrinking function of the super nerve.

The destination already is in the castle. And, ahead of the passage...... The appearance of the uncle!

My uncle was defeated by soldiers and had already been in breath. Anyway, the links are a player who has been put out just before going out, and the partner who has only a slight contact point here.

As soon as the link, the uncle who received the voice of Zelda princess went to the castle alone. Since he had a sword and a shield, it should have been understood that it was a dangerous task. If I came to two people, my uncle may have not received a fatal scratch.

In addition, before leaving the house, Im not worried and Im not going to leave my house, and I received a fatal injury, and I said, I didnt want to see you only... A climb to a glimpse. This heart is also moved to the depth of the thought.

Although it was a short relationship, the player and link feelings are synchronized through this uncle. The secret sword that the uncle told me a lot of links to challenge the long journey and adventure.

The Castle, which is a soldier who is dominated by Agni, is always at risk of death. However, the link has a sword and a shield, and a secret that has been taught by an unaccounted, and there is nothing wrong.

Some soldiers are still various, but the influence of Agni is absolute. As a soldier, it is a scoop that can not be done anything.

Those who lend their power are no one in this castle. The battle to help Zelda princess is lonely alone, but Im fighting with my uncle and I think there were a few things I thought at that time.

If a tough soldier is dropped from the floor, it is the end of one volume. Again, we are full of enlargement and reduction functions.

Sometimes, with a gap of soldiers, the screw screwed with a sword was finally reached before the Zelda princess arrived.

Defeat the strong enemy and get the key, and finally the Zelda princess and face!...... Its a lovely to open her treasure chest.

Apparently Zelda Him seems to have found that the link came. However, she is not necessarily attached. She continued to wait while fighting against anxiety. Moreover, the rescue of Zelda princess is a production from here. She is safe, and she needs to get out of the castle.

Zelda princess that comes after the link. While having a pretty dot picture, you can feel the figure of the link that protects a pretty princess and is brave.

The Zelda princess, which is familiar with her castle, supports links with her knowledge. She also opens the path to her hidden path, she both together and moves the ornament shelf. She is not only a princess that she is protected.

From here, we have to advance the darkness and more risk. She will brighten the fire in a canter in a canter, so it will be bright as it will be bright. Wrinkling the situation by making full use of gimmicks- Zelda legend familiar good taste is also tasted from the last form also in this work.

However, as soon as I put a light, I can not make an oil-off by any means.

Fight against the enemy, seek a candlestick, push the block, pull the lever...... Many battle and gimmicks, and the link was safely led to the church.

The priest of the church attracted Zelda princess, and the escape show closed the curtain. But from here, the battle is from here. From Zelda princess, you will be entrusted to her wishes to save this high.

The wish of Zelda princess to protect high all. And, her uncle to save her princess. With this two thoughts, the link has taken his feet to a magnificent adventure.

Here is the part that hits the so-called prologue. Even on gameplay, it does not take much time. However, the story of the highly stranger and the drama with the short impressive uncle, and the players feelings lead to nature and adventure.

In addition, it is also a point that can not be overlooked with a tutorial that makes full use of gimmicks. These, the balance of game sex and stories, one of the evolutions that this work has been made. Many specialties of this work will be introduced together.


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