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2. Bundesliga: Jahn Regensburg remains the FC St. Pauli on the heels

Jahn Regensburg remains the surprise team of the 2nd Bundesliga and takes the table tip again. The Oberpfälzer sat down in the Danube Derby at the final light FC Ingolstadt 3-0 (1: 0) and moved up to a point to the leader FC St. Pauli. David Otto (9th), Max Beisskow (63nd, Faulfemeter) and Kaan Caliscan (73.) achieved the gates for the Jahn. The almost relegated the preseason has been unbeaten since seven point games and has lost only once in the second league. Ingolstadt, on the other hand, is just as long without victory and has already six points behind the relegation place. Four days after the trophy in penalty shooting against Hansa Rostock, Regensburg used the first scorchance for the early lead. After a solo of Benedikt Saller on the right wing, Otto recalled its crossed by the baseline. After the break, the bottom of the table strengthened his attack efforts, but Regensburg remained merciless effectively. After a foul of Marc Stendera on Benedict Gimber, Beschkow transf

The X-Statix reunion you ve been waiting 2 years for is coming soon as The X

Michael Allred, Peter Milligan, and Laura Allred s X-Statix return, X-Cellent, finally has a launch date: February 2022. Originally revealed in 2019 for a 2020 debut, X-Cellent was averted by the COVID-19 pandemic yet never ever completely counted out from eventual publication. The ol gang is back with each other once again! Functioning with Peter Milligan is constantly a celebration, Michael Allred claims in the statement. The future is looking brighter for 2022 as we reach reveal the world just how we ve been having fun with our X-Statix Wonder mutants and their new opponents, The X-Cellent! these personalities! Every person come play with us! The X-Cellent is a villain superhero team introduced in the trio s 2019 one-shot Giant-Size X-Statix 1 - the same concern where the X-Cellent continuous series was introduced. Getting from their very early 00s overhaul of X-Force as well as right into its very own name with X-Statix, X-Cellent proceeds what has been a lengthy and weird story

Despite developers working at home, CyberPunk 2077 should always go out in September

The cyberpunk (from the original Cyberpunk English and whose pronunciation is / Saɪbəʳpʌŋk /) is an subgenre of science fiction, known to reflect distoppic visions of the future in which advanced technology with a low standard of living is combined. Originally the term cyberpunk was used to refer to the literary movement headed by Bruce Sterling, William Gibson and John Shirley that emerged during the 1980s within the science fiction literature, being used for the first time in that regard by Gardner Dozois In 1984. Dozois was probably inspired by the title of a story of Bruce Bethke. The Ciberpunk receives his name from the Adjunction of the Cyber ​​Prefix - (related to computer networks) to the punk word (in reference to his rebellious character). In it, science (and especially computing and cybernetics) usually generate or interact with some kind of social or cultural paradigm. In the frames of the genus Ciberpunk, the argument is usually focused on the hypothetical conflicts betwee

Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick Claims He ll Obtain Base pay Pay Until Transformational Gender

In an open letter released today, Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick claims he ll be receiving the California base pay for salaried employees up until the business s Board of Supervisors has achieved transformational gender-related objectives. Kotick outlined those objectives in the letter released today, as first reported by Video Gamings Chronicle, as well as he asserts that his decreased wage will certainly be $62,500. He also notes that this is a reduction in [his] general settlement as well as not just his income. The CEO declares he s asking not to receive any benefits or be granted any type of equity during this time. I really wish not a single staff member had had an experience at the office that resulted in hurt, embarrassment, or even worse-- as well as to those who were impacted, I regards apologize, Kotick composes. You have my dedication that we will certainly do everything feasible to honor our values and develop the office every participant of this group is worthy o

Accelerated CEO, 1 billion salary → 12 million won to reduce... The reason is?

From the US State and Federal Government , a Bobby Cotton CEO of the Activision Blizzard , who was investigated by sexual discrimination and sexual violence issues, declared to greatly reduce his salary from the public book sent to the temple. On October 28, the published book published on the official homepage, the presentation of the situation in the situation of the current activity Blizzard, the attitude of the executives , and the attitude of the executives, and the attitude of the executives, and the attitude of the executives. Cotat CEO said, I have been a few weeks ago, I have a compaction that I will make Activision Blizzard s most favorable (Welcoming) company in the industry. In order to announce the initial progress and future efforts in this regard, we opened the preface. The long-term goal is to the game industry model work and a steadily destroyed healthy corporate culture at the same time. Cotton CEO is clear that us is a favorable and inclusive workplace is clear. W

Football World Cup: Algeria mourns for former Nationalkeeper

The Tehran derby (Persian: شهرآورد تهران Shahrāvard-e Tehrān), additionally called Blue-Red derby (Persian: شهرآورد سرخابی Shahrāvard-e Sorkhābi) is a football match between the 2 prominent Tehran clubs Esteghlal and also Persepolis. It is commonly thought about the major crosstown derby in the Persian Gulf Pro Organization. This match was stated as one of the most essential derby in Asia and also 22nd most essential derby in the world in June 2008 by World Football magazine. It is thought about among the globe s most intense derbies. Regardless of being a derby between two groups from Tehran, the suit has actually been played in other Iranian cities also. Happening at the very least twice during the year via the league components, this cross-town competition has actually expanded to the Hazfi Cup, as well as in small tournaments as well as friendlies. The former Algerian football national goalkeeper Mehdi Cerbah died on Friday at the age of 68 years after a long illness . This in

First teaser and visuals for the Goldorak of Endroad and Microïds

This is a list of Xbox-one games that have been announced or published. XBOX-ONE exclusive title = 38 Microsoft exclusive title = 9 Console or temporary exclusive title = 72/31 Multiplatform / not released = 352/3 Released = 274 games for sale released Total = 499 legend: Yes = exclusive title only available for the Xbox One Microsoft = exclusive title only available on Microsoft platforms Console = not available on other consoles (exception: PCs and / or other platforms) Temporary = confirmed as temporally limited Xbox-one exclusive title, but will also appear at a later date for other platforms No = no Xbox one exclusive title. Game can also be available on other platforms N.N. = nor to announce k. A. = Unknown notes: Announcement surprise of microities in February, the development of a video game based on the Goldorak license by the French Studio Endroad has sparked the emotion of the old old, all of the month on this side of the globe. In Japan, the news has been welcomed with a

The week on Buffed - excitement, comment

World of Warcraft (abbreviated as Wow, literally in Spanish Warcraft World) is a massive multiplayer role video game online developed by Blizzard Entertainment. It is the fourth game launched established in the fantastic universe of Warcraft, which was introduced for the first time by Warcraft: Orcs & Humans in 1994. World of Warcraft takes place within the world of Azeroth, four years after the final events of the previous Delivery of Warcraft, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. Blizzard Entertainment announced World of Warcraft on September 2, 2001. The game was released on November 23, 2004, celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Warcraft franchise. The first expansion of the Burning Crusade game was released on January 16, 2007. The second expansion, Wrath of the Lich King, was launched on November 13, 2008. The third expansion, World of Warcraft: Cataclysm was announced in The BlizzCon 2009 was launched on December 7, 2010. The fourth expansion, World of Warcraft: Mists of Pan

Submarine survival sim Barotrauma gets a significant Amongst the Ancients upgrade

Among the Ancients is the most recent update for the tough submarine survival game Barotrauma , bringing with it brand-new alien damages and personality progression to offer you even more of every little thing. Characters got a visual overhaul with lots of new hair designs, face features and devices. Skin tone can currently likewise be altered, thanks to the application of a skin shader system. While personality computer animations and percentages are now much more practical, they still keep their trademark ragdoll appearance and activity for optimum seeing satisfaction as you drop regarding all over the place. The new development system allows you to open special abilities and also aficionados to make each class a little bit much more distinct also. You likewise obtain to check out the last remains of an ancient unusual human being as well, featuring a freshened and far more creepy aesthetic style. Not just that, the generation included in making them obtained upgraded and also

Activision Blizzard: Salary shortening for CEO due to persistent scandals

After receiving regular discussions about the content of Activision CEO Bobby Kotick in the past, the responsible person will now renounce further income, at least until the situation in the company has improved again. In the future, he will pay the smallest possible salary compatible with the law in the state of California. This includes its salary to $ 62,500 a year. In addition, the CEO will forgo bonus payments until the objectives for equal rights and other obligations has achieved. So far no improvement of the situation in sight Only a month ago the publisher was sued by another US authority. An agreement that should compensate for affected employees with $ 18 million has already been challenged. And also the shareholders of Activision Blizzard are dissatisfied with the previous solutions in relation to the sexism lawsuit. Especially Bobby Kotick was last more and more visor. Among other things, he was preached at the US Stock Exchange Supervisory Authority SEC, which also wa

Hradecky brings Bayer Leverkusen s first crisis

The sting is sitting deeply, the first crisis is there, and Lukas Hradecky did not want to scare anything. The goalkeeper of Bayer Leverkusen left his mind position free run. This is a heavy blow for me personally, if you make such a mistake. But I m just a person. Fuck defeat!, Said the goalkeeper of Bayer Leverkusen for his capital Bock, again to a blamable and early trophy - For a cheeky second division Karlsruher SC led and the title dreaming in the club first finished. It s over in the DFB Cup, in the championship could threaten the next setback on Saturday against VfL Wolfsburg, and the next round in the Europa League has long been not secured. The ambitious Bayer boss Fernando Carro announced before the start of the new season that he was convinced to stand before a successful season. Say: The first title after almost 30 years is due. Potential is not always retrieved But despite great investments, good framework conditions and a series of highly compatible players, the so-c

Overwatch Patch Notes Include McCree s New Name, Bug Repairs, And Also Extra

The most current update for Blizzard s permanently preferred hero shooter Overwatch has gotten here. Probably the greatest modification is that the hero McCree is currently called Cole Cassidy. Blizzard made the adjustment since McCree s name was ousted from the firm amidst the sexual harassment as well as discrimination instance at Activision Blizzard. Cole Cassidy coincides hero as McCree, simply with a new name. Moving forward, Blizzard claimed it will not name brand-new characters after Blizzard staff members. The company likewise swore to be much more thoughtful and also discerning concerning including real-world referrals in future Overwatch material. Elsewhere, the patch fixes a bug that might cause players to not obtain complete credit scores for their matches when playing Junkenstein s Retribution. There are some hero-specific adjustments, too, as Brigitte obtains a fix for a bug that can create her mac chain to show up as the incorrect color, while D.Va had a bug that cause

Activision Blizzard organizations are fighting with each other

Activision Blizzard, Inc. is an American computer game holding company based in Santa Monica, California. The business was founded in July 2008 with the merging of Activision, Inc. (the publicly traded moms and dad firm of Activision Publishing) and Vivendi Gamings. The firm is traded on the NASDAQ supply exchange under the ticker symbol ATVI, as well as since 2015 has been just one of the supplies that make up the S&P 500. Activision Blizzard currently includes five company systems: Activision Publishing, Blizzard Entertainment, King, Big League Pc Gaming, and Activision Blizzard Studios.The company possesses and also operates additional studios under an independent workshops model under Activision Posting, including Treyarch, Infinity Ward, High Moon Studios, and also Toys for Bob. Among major intellectual homes created by Activision Blizzard are Call of Duty, Collision Bandicoot, Guitar Hero, Tony Hawk s, Spyro/Skylanders, Globe of Warcraft, StarCraft, Diablo, Hearthstone, Hero

BLIZZCON 2022 is officially canceled

There are many things happening within Activision Blizzard at this time, so as expected, they announced that the online Blizzcon 2022 has been officially canceled. Unlike the cancellation of the 2021 edition, this time the pandemic was not responsible, but the company prefers to focus on solving all the current problems that are experienced within the study. Through a new statement published today on the website of Blizzard, the company said that assembling a massive event as Blizzcon took the time and energy of all within the study, and in agreement With Blizzard, that time and energy will be focused on supporting our teams and progressing in the development of our games and experiences. Likewise, this statement also mentions that the company will be taking this time as an opportunity to reinvent the format of the BlizzCon for the future: The first Blizzcon was held 16 years ago, and many things have changed since then-more highly, the different ways in which players and commun

Court Refutes Activision Blizzard s Demand To Pause California Suit

Activision Blizzard lately petitioned the court to stop the legal action against it from the state of California over claims of principles offenses, but a court has turned down the publisher s request. Judge Timothy Patrick Dillion from Los Angeles County has actually turned down the application less than a week after Activision Blizzard submitted for it, according to The Telephone call of Task as well as Warcraft business said the suit from California s Division of Fair Employment as well as Real estate need to be stopped briefly in the middle of records concerning possible ethics infractions. Attorneys on The golden state s instance also obviously did deal with a government query right into Activision Blizzard from the Equal Employment Possibility Commission. This presented a chance for Activision Blizzard to request a remain in the instance up until more facts can come to light. Activision Blizzard previously revealed an $18 million settlement take care of the EEOC to d

Update: The judge rejects Activision Blizzard attempt to stop demand

Activision Blizzard is a computer and video game group based in Santa Monica, California, USA. The company originated from the Fusion of the Publisher Activision with Vivendi Universal Games. In terms of sales, the company is the market leader in the computer and video games sector. The shares of the company are traded under the abbreviation ATVI at the NASDAQ. Majority owner was Vivendi until July 2013. The company arose on 10 July 2008 by the merger of the US Group Activision and Vivendi Games, a 100% subsidiary of the media company Vivendi. The Game Sup of Vivendi was incorporated into Activision, which Vivendi received the stock majority of Activision Blizzard with 52 percent of the shares. Vivendi has relied on options the possibility of increasing the shares to 68 percent. The component Blizzard in the company name returns to the computer games developer Blizzard Entertainment, which Vivendi Games introduced into the new Group. Due to the general knownness by the development of

Guardians of the galaxy: What is the ship s access code?

A galaxy is a gravitial-bound large collection of stars, planetary systems, gas angles, dust clouds, dark matter and other astronomical objects with a total mass of typically 109 to 1013 sun masses (M☉). Her diameter can be several hundred thousand light years. While large galaxies often train the structure of spirals, dwarf galaxies are mostly irregular type. In addition, there are other types and shapes. The Milky Way, home galaxy of the solar system, is a beam spiral of around 1.5 trillion m☉ with about 250 billion stars. From the earth, more than 50 billion galaxies can be observed with current technology. Since 2016, research has assumed that there are approximately one trillion galaxies in the observable universe. The name comes from the equivalent Ancient Greek ὁ ὁαλαξξας ύύκλος Ho Galaxías Kyklos and goes back to an ancient saying, after which it is about the splashed milk (γάλα Gála) The goddess Hera is when these Heracles wanted to breastfeed. As Galaxy (Singular) is speciall

Davis Cup: Germany Continue without Zverev, but with returnee Gojowczyk

As expected without Olympic champion Alexander Zverev, but with US Open Surprise Peter Gojowczyk, the German tennis men start at the final tournament of the Davis Cup (25th November to 5 December). The team, the Captain Michael Kohlmann announced on Monday, is known from Jan-Lennard Struff. In addition to Gojowczyk, Dominik Koepfer and the Olympic Double Kevin Krawietz / Tim Put. The five boys burn for the finals and are looking forward to playing for the national team and the German fans, Kohlmann said, We can achieve a lot in this constellation and are well positioned in width. In the preliminary round, the German team in Innsbruck meets on 27 November on Serbia, which is probably led by the world ranking Novak Djokovic, as well as a day later on Austria. Also a quarter-final with German participation in Innsbruck held, semi-finals and finals are held in Madrid. As in 2019 at the first issue of the Reformed Davis Cup, top player Zverev had also canceled early this time. After a l

Activision Blizzard is supplying gamers the opportunity to change their BattleTags is a service provided by Blizzard Entertainment that allows players of certain video games to communicate through chat channels and play games of games that have the ability to connect to Battle.Net. He was released in 1996 after the release of his Diablo video game. was the first online video game service directly in the games that were made for it, in contrast to external interfaces used in other online services. This feature, the facility to create accounts and that has no cost to use it, made Battle.NET became popular and the greatest point of sale for Diablo and other Blizzard Entertainment games. Since January 2009, can also be used to buy or activate Blizzard video game keys to then be able to download your customers. As Activision Blizzard is providing an Overwatch character a name change , the firm has additionally opened up the opportunity for gamers to change their BattleTags, also. As we introduce a brand-new name, you might have the ne

Grubauer has to be ice from ice cream with octopus debacle

Saturday Night s Main Event was a professional wrestling sports television program produced by the World Wrestling Federation (now known as WWE). [1] It was first issued in 1985, originally by the NBC chain, which counted With sporadic replacements at the US Late Show, Saturday Night Live, on weekends schedules. [2] The program was issued by NBC until 1991, and transmitted twice in the Fox chain in 1992 before being canceled. It was revived in 2006, but it was canceled again in 2008. The German goalkeeper experienced no good day on Monday (local time) at the 1: 6 at the Philadelphia Flyers. After not even 29 minutes and five goals he was replaced. Until this time, Grubauer had parried 15 shots. Seattles coach David Hakstol took the 29-year-old German in protection: The replacement does not say anything. He has already delivered good performance for us. But if I had to do it again, I would have gone out earlier. The newly founded Kraken stand with three points from four games in the f

Activision Blizzard: another 20 employees released

Activision Blizzard declared that the company has dismissed 20 employees and has taken another 20 disciplinary, because employee had complained about harassment and discrimination. In an e-mail to all employees, Fran Townsend, Executive Vice President for Corporate Affairs said that the company has received an increase in reports on harassment, discrimination and retaliatory measures and would take action: In recent months, we have received an increase in messages through various reporting channels. People report problems that are lying out years and ranging to the present. We are looking forward to these reports and our team works to examine them with a combination of internal and external resources. On the basis of the information received in the first message, they are divided into different categories, and resources are assigned to give priority to the most serious messages. In the context of various released reports, more than 20 people have left Activision Blizzard and we h

Order Xbox Series X: Everything for the price and availability of Microsoft

Microsoft s Xbox is currently difficult to get strong - the console is always on the market only in severely limited quotas. Here we inform you about the price and the availability of the Xbox Series X. Xbox Series X buy: Online stores in the overview The Xbox Series X is still strong and from sold out most of the time. But always find again small selling waves at different dealers. Most recently MediaMarkt had offered the console. As always, keeps the shops listed below and quickly accesses when the Xbox Series X is available. By contrast, the Xbox Series S can be found easier and can currently be ordered with some of the shops. Amazon and Otto are routing to other XBox articles, the Xbox Series X is currently not available. Xbox Series X for 499 euros: Xbox Series X at Amazon (currently out of stock) Xbox Series X at EuroNics (currently sold out) Xbox Series X at Mediamarkt (currently sold out) Xbox Series X at OTTO (currently sold out) Xbox Series X at Saturn (currently

Activision Blizzard moves with over 20 layoffs consequences from sexism

In recent months, there were numerous allegations against the Call of Duty-Publisher Activision Blizzard. The State Authority Dfeh (California Department of Fair Employment and Housing ) raises serious allegations against the company. Thus, sexual discrimination and harassment of employees belong to the corporate culture. Activision Blizzard itself has every fault of itself, but is willing to pay, 18 million US dollars to pay victims of sexual harassment. In an e-mail update to all Activision Blizzard employees (via VGC ), the Managing Vice President for Business Affairs Fran Townsend explains what consequences the company has so far from allegations and which further steps in the future are made. More than 40 measures due to misconduct Townsend explains that the notifications of possible misconduct of Activision Blizzard employees are taken seriously and divided into different categories in order to process the most serious cases as soon as possible. Which consequences existed?